Saturday, September 4, 2010

Painting, painting and more painting!

Oh boy, it is soooo crazy busy at the gallery.  I decided to repaint the little side walls yesterday a little sprucing up for the Gallery Hop next weekend.  Thought I'd knock it out before we opened....well, I forgot how busy labor day weekend is!  Happily forgot!  Before I had paint cans open, I had a client knocking on the door needing a birthday gift quickly.  It didn't stop.  I looked like a crazy lady in splattered paint clothes all day.  But, we had a great time and met so many nice people including tourists from Minnesota, Alabama, Georgia, and Indiana folks who've just moved here.  All around great day!  I'm heading over now to get an early start on the wall painting.  Stop by today if you have a chance...there are new paintings propped everywhere for the show we open next weekend.  Its jumbly, messy and very comfy there but you can get first pick of the new work!

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