Friday, March 12, 2010

Summer Art Workshops/Camps for Children

We are scheduling painting workshops for children now for the summer. Our workshops run from Tuesday - Thursday from 9-12 and are $125 (10% off for sibling), which includes all supplies. We use only quality art supplies and create works on stretched canvas, canvas board and occasionally wood. I encourage a thoughtful approach to painting. So, the children are asked to sketch before painting. I work with each child to ensure success, which is why I only take up to 8 children at a time. They will be asked to complete some particular paintings from life, but they are given ample opportunity to explore their own ideas too. In 3 days, they'll usually complete somewhere in the range of 5-12 pieces (depending on the age group). They always complete at least one 16X20 piece. Generally, the children haven't painted quite this big before and it is lots of fun!!!

To sign up your child, please give me a call. I've found it works best if parents have a group of 4 to 8 children in the same age range and let me know what weeks work best. It is hard for me to create schedules around the many other camps and vacations. I schedule on a first come basis.

Please call me for particulars and questions. 423-648-0533. Thanks!

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